Advertising Policy regularly seeks sponsorships from relevant organizations and manufacturers dedicated to providing pregnancy, parenting, and preconception information. However, we adhere to a strict policy of separation between editorial and advertising content and never allow advertisers to influence editorial content. If you don't see any language that says "Advertising Content" or "Ad Content," then you know what you're reading or viewing contains purely editorial information.

"Advertising Content" or “Ad Content” on is content that has been created in partnership with and influenced by the named advertiser. The Advertiser is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of Ad Content. takes meaningful steps to help ensure that you will not confuse Ad Content (content that is influenced by the named advertiser) with content that is original content developed by the editorial team.

For Ad Content on, you will find that: 

  • All content on that is created, influenced, or provided by a sponsor is identified with the label "Ad Content".
  • You are always informed that content is created in partnership with an advertiser  before you click to access it, so you are always making an informed decision to view it.

The ad content carries the copyright of the named advertiser or the rightful copyright owner.

In addition to Ad Content, there are times that third parties offer to provide funding for the creation of content without having any influence over it. These content areas are "Sponsored by…" or “Presented by…” the named sponsor, but retains editorial control.