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Little-known fact: You can set up a baby registry at Bed Bath & Beyond! Their service actually comes with some great perks, including a free goody bag for anyone who signs up. 

How to get your free Bed Bath & Beyond baby registry welcome kit

  1. Create a Bed Bath & Beyond baby registry.
  2. Order your Welcome Box for $10, which can be shipped to you or picked up in store. If you plan on picking up your Welcom Box, be sure to call your local store before visiting to ensure the box is in stock.
  3. If you plan on picking up in store, call your local buybuy BABY store first. Yes, you read that right: Even though the registry is with Bed Bath & Beyond, currently the gift bag is only available at buybuy BABY stores (the two are part of the same company). And since you have to pick up the goody bag in person, you'll want to call ahead to save yourself the trip if your local store is out.
  4. If the goody back is in stock, visit the store and show an associate your registry to get the free goody bag. You will need to provide your registry ID or pull up the bar code for your baby registry on your phone. 

Much like buybuy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond used to provide a free Welcome Box. As of 2023, the welcome box is a $10 purchase that available for shipping or in-store pickup. Another noteable change: $10 in Rewards will be applied to your Bed Bath & Beyond account within seven days of your welcome box being purchased or shipped.

According to our community, you can expect to find products like small bottles, a pacifier, baby washcloths, a gas-passing aid, and samples of diapers, diaper cream, stretch mark cream, wipes, and baby shampoo.

Once you've set up your Bed Bath & Beyond registry and gotten your free goody bag, don't forget to link your registry to Registry Builder so that you can manage all of your registries in one place for easy sharing.